It floats on Clouds, stupid!

Braved the daylight to take these pics Saturday morning, the camera works better with sunlight, who knew?  Took so many shots I couldn’t pic just one fav. Advertisements

A trains come and A trains go

Grabbed a few shots of this uptown A train at 175th Station.

Night Shots on the GWB

The one good tower shot that came right, another shot above that i thought was interesting.

Courtyard down the steps

There is a set of nice stone steps that lead to a small courtyard in Carl Schurz Park.

Time Machine

My Dad celebrated a birthday recently, i didnt realize we have digits that can record such a large number.

Night Images of the George Washington Bridge

I caught the Bridge about an hour before dawn, looking west.  I took these shots with a high sensitivity (1600) so I could get something sharp while shooting from hand.

Midnight Welders

Welders working hard through the night.

Carl Schurz Park at Dusk 03.03.12

The Park in my front yard.

Feline Spotlight

Light shines on Indy

Rain on the CPW

Hanging out on a rainy day next to the park