Capturing a Sole

One of the first shots I took with my new Canon 60D.  Nothing of note, I like it just because it is simple. Advertisements

The Bruce Phillips Project: An Online Photography Journal

Welcome, and I appreciate you viewing the photos that I have taken.  This journal records some of the photos I like as I learn and become a more experienced photographer.  Essentially a place… Continue reading

People on the Streets

The best part about living in a city is the constant stream of entertainment that drifts by.  The Street Grabs Category is my attempt to document this.  As I get more confident I… Continue reading

Up Close and Personal

IN the Portrait Category you will find portrait style images of a few of my more favored models, as well as anybody else that I can get to sit and let me shoot… Continue reading

Construction Photos

Within the Construction Category you will find various construction activities, as I document them during my work shifts.  Currently all these photos are captured at night, as that is when I work.  … Continue reading